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Interview with Emad Louis

Take performance

To the next level

Take performance

To the next level

Take performance

To the next level

 Our Services

Training & Development 

  1. Leadership development
  2. Business planning back to basics
  3. Entrepreneurship comprehensive course
  4. Business development programs
  5. Sales management programs

Sales Support

  1. Sales Strategy
  2. Sales Organization Development
  3. Marketing strategy
  4. Performance management
  5. Sales management outsourcing

  Business Consultancy

  1. Strategic Planning for new businesses & expansions
  2. Financial Plan & Cost management
  3. Financial management & Cashflow Budgets
  4. Business management consultant
  5. Change management & Transformation strategy

Business Coaching

  1. Coached for a specific objective
  2. Executive coaching
  3. Team coaching for better performance
  4. Self-awareness & development
  5. Small business coach


  • We do not believe in “one-size-fits all”- All our courses include a one-on-one unless requested by the customer.

  • We share with you real experience rather than what you can search online and we’d rather share reality even if it contradicts with the theory.

  • You &/OR your team are an integral part of what we do, your engagement is an effective share of our output, not only what we come with to the session.

  • It is a pre-requisite for our team members to have practiced real business before moving to the training career.

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Our team is formed of ex-multinational executives who spent years within the “best-practices” environment, where we witnessed a lot of real success stories and learned from expensive lessons.

We are led by the founder Emad Louis, a Certified Training & Development Professional “CTDP”  by “The Institute For Performance And Learning”   who spent 20 years assuming senior positions with international firms mostly in the business, products and channels domain and people management, he’s a Fellow Life Management Institute FLMI, An Associate Financial Services Institute AFSI & an Associate Insurance Regulatory Compliance AIRC and have been a guest speaker for several events in Canada and Internationally, he also has developed and facilitated Leadership and Training Programs to a wide range of local and multinational institutes

We know sales management well and we do it on needs based analysis approach.

We would be happy to bring all our expertise to your business

 We build our success on 3 PILLARS

Values & Ethics

We are committed to do what is good by You as our customer, we share a genuine input and as much as we are keen on getting your business, we are equally keen on adding Value that is worth more than what you invested in. Yes we Want You Happy and we want to have you as a customer forever.


We come to you with the leading professional management approach and the knowhow that is next to none, we also come to you with passion that few can compete on and with a positive energy and mental attitude that sure shall boost the environment of your business. Yes we will create a Positive Environment.

Up-To- Date Knowhow

Being leaders in self-development we ourselves strive to continues self-development, nonstop updates and upgrades to our programs and approach. We commit to research on our areas of business to always be on top of the new techniques and tactics to bring it to you at your convenience.


The workshop was great not because it was on leadership, but because it was facilitated by You! I enjoyed your style and well organized, open and encouraging approach. You wanted to listen to us and understand our perspectives, that kept me engaged. The workshop was very refreshing and motivating and I would like to thank you for facilitating the learning process through appreciation and positivity.

Thank you so much for the training! I think it was fantastic! The content was very interesting and the presentation was amazing. I really enjoyed our discussions and think that we all learned a lot. Thank you very-very much!

It was an interesting training. Leadership is a broad topic and the training was very intensive for a day but it was designed in a way that I got most out of it. The contents were wisely chosen and well matched the needs. Thanks for your patience while we were getting busy with responding to some urgent business e-mails and I really liked the way you were immediately bringing us back to the topic. Overall, both the contents and the teaching methodology were amazing. Thank you.

I was highly impressed with Emad’s level of energy and overall enthusiasm for life. He brings it every time he speaks to a group or an individual. His passion is contagious and people leave his sessions inspired and eager to start working on what they have learnt. If you are looking for an inspirational, fun and knowledgeable speaker – Emad is the one! He makes you question and revisit your assumptions and belief system. He is a fantastic motivator in his speaking, lifestyle and attitude. Emad is a true leader who walks his talk!

We have just expanded in Toronto as the second step in Canada after Winnipeg and after international success stories in the USA, Middle-East and UK.

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